UHPC high performance concretes

UHPC is the abbreviation that indicates a new building product with high quality results: a recent tool whose acronym means Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), very high performance concrete to be used in construction. Exactly what is used for the production of Cladia panels. UHPC concretes are materials that have a fiber-reinforced cement base so as […]

Ductal, special high performance material

An innovative material, with high performance and much loved by architects for its great ductility that leaves freedom in terms of aesthetic performance. Ductal is a UHPC material, that is Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), very high performance concrete for the building industry. It is a fiber-reinforced concrete capable of guaranteeing very high performances for external […]

Ventilated facades: coverings and advantages

The ventilated facade is a solution that is often used for covering building facades. A way to enhance the aesthetic but also the functional side by promoting the breathability of the building and therefore increasing its performance. In general, a facade plays an important role in the context of a building: it acts as a […]