Cladia product is available in different colors and finishes: the range of 14 standard colors adds the possibility of having colors on customer request, always with batch coloring of the mix. More specifically, the various colors are available in 5 finishes:

  • NATURAL: finish in which the materiality of Ductal is enhanced.
  • BRUSHED: solution that highlights the small silicon grains.
  • ORANGE PEELS: a fusion of processes between brushed and bush-hammered.
  • BUSHING: rough and rustic finish of the material.
  • UNIFORM: finish with application of a more or less covering pigmented protective coating which gives the surface uniform matt or glossy finish.

On Cladia with Ductal inside can also be applied water-repellent, anti-graffiti and wet effects, tested and certified in our laboratories. How is the coloring of Cladia panels obtained? The panel comes from the mix of resistant materials such as concrete, cement, water, glass fibers and natural pigments that give it its coloring.
All the ingredients are pre-mixed in our batching plant, to then be poured into special molds. Subsequently the compound passes to the solidification phase and is precisely calibrated. At this point the raw slabs go to the automated cutting center to measure or on project, managed by an internal engineer who has full control over the machine, thus avoiding production waste.

Made in Italy cladding panels for external facades

Cladia cladding panels are mainly used in cladding for ventilated facades: thanks to their characteristics, it is possible to improve the performance of the buildings themselves in architectural and therefore visual terms. This is thanks to the conformation of the panels for external buildings, to their various colors and finishes, of all kinds.
Cladia panels for facade cladding meet the most diverse needs also from the point of view of sound insulation and energy saving. They also guarantee maximum impact resistance thanks to the use of three-dimensional fiberglass reinforcements. There is a completely natural product, even in the coloring of the cement paste, the attention is placed on meeting the ecological needs of modern and simple design.
Best way to coat external facades of buildings with maximum yield security: great maintenance over time is not required for Clodia building exterior cladding panels. A Made in Italy product of the highest quality available in many colors and finishes.