Zanette Srl Company

Cladia® is produced by Zanette srl

An industrial reality oriented towards change and innovation which, thanks to the collaboration with some partners in the technological sector, is able to produce solutions with a great impact on the world of construction and architecture. We specialize in construction, prefabricated buildings, facade claddings, furniture, doors and windows, energy solutions.
Zanette was born in 1954 within an area with a high industrial vocation: in that historical moment we witnessed the transition from mass production to specialization. In Italy many so-called SMEs see the light, whereas before there was the monopoly of large industry.
An innovative push that generates new needs and leads to the transformation of the production process. A change that finds its key in the internal organization that goes to coordinate and integrate the 3 souls of the company: design, research, production.


From the idea to reality: the design defines a project in every detail, quickly and accurately establishes the specifications and offers, plans the production process and subsequent on-site interventions.
A particular moment of the work, in which we witness a close collaboration with designers, architects, designers to turn their ideas into reality. Zanette provides all these professionals with a wide and tested wealth of technical experience.


The research is aimed at the development of new technologies, in particular technological and green products towards which most of the energies lavished by the company are directed. The task of our reality is to carry out continuous texts to evaluate all the performance of its solutions.
Zanette products are analyzed thanks to an internal laboratory and further verified in an external authorized laboratory. The principle behind our work is that efficiency and sustainability must be closely related.


All stages of our production are managed by specialized personnel with the support of computerized control systems that guarantee the entire production process. A standard that Zanette uses to guarantee high levels of quality in all moment of design, production, assembly and after-sales. Zanette products are also made according to current regulations which, among other things, provide for their traceability over time.

History of Zanette srl

The Zanette Group was founded way back in 1954 as a reference point in the field of heavy prefabrication: over the years it has taken up the challenge of specialization and has gradually focused on 2 other market areas:

  • Zanette Energy designs and sells radiant electric heating systems, integrated home automation and photovoltaic systems;
  • Zanette Edilizia which deals with the marketing of building products, such as Cladia.

Over the years we have also created an internal Research Center, which constantly updates the regulations and consequently the certification methods. Cladia panel has achieved 14 certifications, all with the highest scores. In addition to these, if you are following a new construction site or project in another country, we can also certify your slab for that specific project.