An innovative material, with high performance and much loved by architects for its great ductility that leaves freedom in terms of aesthetic performance. Ductal is a UHPC material, that is Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), very high performance concrete for the building industry.
It is a fiber-reinforced concrete capable of guaranteeing very high performances for external facade cladding solutions; a green solution since it is not obtained through oil synthesis. A totally inert material that does not release any substance into the environment.
Ductal is used in construction as in the case of the creation of our Cladia panels, in whose compound it is present: this contributes to creating panels for external facade cladding with particular characteristics in terms of resistance, ductility, longevity, energy efficiency, insulation and aesthetics.

What is Ductal

A latest generation concrete, a special patented material whose technical characteristics are unique among those on the market today. Ductal is also an ideal solution for obtaining important aesthetic effects as it allows you to let free rein to the creative potential of architects and designers.
A highly technological building material of natural origin that offers the right combination of form and substance for constructions of any kind: not only building facades but also roofs for example. A material specifically designed and developed for architectural applications.
Ductal combines a very high performance mineral matrix with organic, metallic, stainless steel or glass reinforcing fibers. It offers architects and designers the freedom to create complex textures, surfaces and shapes for a wide range of applications.

The Ductal for external facade panels

Precisely because Ductal as the latest generation concrete can guarantee exceptional strength, ductility and durability, it is widely used for external facades. Cladia panels are made by inserting this material into their mix; this is the secret of the extremely high performance they can guarantee.
Thanks to the use of this material with elements of natural origin, it is possible to create panels to sustainably cover external and internal facades, while allowing to customize surfaces with shapes, colors, graphics or photographs. A solution much loved by designers and architects who tend to use Ductal in works that require high performance.
We mainly talk about the design, construction and cladding of commercial, industrial and public structures with the possibility of making the facades of the buildings on which we work unique. An effective solution also in the case of ventilated facades, which require use of excellent quality materials as known for obtaining the desired results: the thermal insulation and the great resistance of those facades is also due to the use of high-performance materials in the compound, just like in the case of Ductal.