UHPC is the abbreviation that indicates a new building product with high quality results: a recent tool whose acronym means Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), very high performance concrete to be used in construction. Exactly what is used for the production of Cladia panels.
UHPC concretes are materials that have a fiber-reinforced cement base so as to guarantee a better response than traditional concretes of previous generations, especially in terms of resistance and ductility in processing.
This abbreviation indicates various groups of composite materials which have an optimized microstructure whose characteristic is to present a minimum level of imperfections and impurities. All faculties, those listed so far, which allow to reduce maintenance costs as well as to have a minimum environmental impact by meeting current needs by talking about eco-sustainability,

UHPC technology for Cladia panels

A product that was born in recent times, as mentioned, more or less in the late 90s and that falls within the so-called Engineered Cementitious Concrete (ECC), or innovative or engineered cementitious materials. The goal is to find a solution for problems related to the use of traditional concrete, to be understood above all as poor durability and limited ductility.
Our company has chosen this type of product to create Cladia panels for building facades, innovative in terms of conformation and performance; the secret is use of Ductal, a material with unique technical characteristics and extremely malleable so as to meet the creative vein of architects and engineers.
Thanks to UHPC concretes, the finished product is very resistant and long-lasting, as well as more easily workable and less invasive as regards the environmental impact that usually results from the traditional life cycle of a product made of ordinary concrete.

Quality and environmentally sustainable concrete

A product with extraordinary potential that contributes to giving life to a final material capable of responding to disparate needs. The finished product, as in the case of panels for external and internal facades, will be resistant to compression as well as high temperatures, long-lasting, eco-efficient, insulating.
And these are the main differences between UHPC concretes and first generation materials: Ultra-High Performance Concrete, thanks to the presence of fibers and binder in the mixture, can guarantee advantages both in the processing phase and subsequently, when the work is completed. A pleasant impact also from an aesthetic point of view for a result of excellent quality.